Front Mission PC ROM Cheats

This section contains cheats for the PC ROM version / Or the actual game with a Pro Action Replay of Front Mission. Please don't email me, I don't have the ROM or know where to get it or know how to use these cheats. Sorry.
Thanks to: (flexisvc)

The item modifier is used by starting with the F-1 Tonfar code and then skip a number (26 ->28 etc.) then adding 63 at the end. After you do that turn on ALL the codes and you will have the weapons amd computers. (The codes stops at 7ED13063). You're Welcome) The code should look like this 7ED02663 7ED02863 7ED03063 7ED03263 and so on .. (

Andrey.Panin send this cheat in:
In 5 Level where we meet Driscoll first, don't kill all enemies. Live one a live without arms. Take all your robots and go to fight with Driscoll. Yes you can it... in emulator :). You must shot him from long range rifle ( i dont remember may be AIM5 ). One you hit is decrase 1 point fron 750 HP of Driscoll, and long range rifle have a 60% of HIT probability. But every your miss is increase you experience on +15, and if you hit +30. I think it wonderful place to improve my robots. So what i do. I remap B button to my Turbo key on joystic and fix this key pressed. Wow war is go on! But so slowly... heh it's no problem set emulator to 10 frameskip, it make game ~10x faster. And i look. 10 minutes ago... the battle may be long 1.5 hour! Ok, i live battle and whatch TV. 1 hour ago... Driscoll is 500HP still. 2 hour ago... Driscoll is 100 HP without arms. Some of my robots already have GUIDE skill. Oh god what is level they have. So battle is over my heroes are grow to 14-15 Level!!!
In real SNES the battle can be 24 HOURS long...
Hint from
A little hint that helps when playing Front Mission on an emulator. In the later levels, if you buy a really powerful, one shot gun, like a rifle or grenade launcher, and equip it on the oldest panzer that can carry it (a backpack helps), the odds in the Colesuem will go up. Find an enemy in maybe and earlier colesuem with high odds. When you first get to select which weapon to use, take a snapshot. Then shoot. If they attack first, they'll probably destroy your weak panzer, so restore the snapshot, and try again, until you destroy the body. You don't get much EXP, but you'll get loads of cash. This technique also helps in battle, to destroy enemy bodies quicker, but it can take a while to hit the right part.

There is a problem with the cheats listed below. Razael emailed in with this to say:
While it IS correct that the prefices for accessing Roid's data are 0h7ED55D to 0h7ED569, you can't just add 0h8B (139) to the code to get the next person's.
Turns out that Sakata's prefices are 0h7ED1F3 to 0h7ED1FF and you add 0h22 (50) to the prefix to get each member's down the line...
So, for example, say I want to change Paul's 3rd skill to Last Guide (A sweet skill for him to have)... I'd enter 7ED2C918.
Speaking of all the skills, I found the values for each skill that has a purpose...
00 --- (no skill)
01 Stun :L1
02 Stun :L2
03 Stun :L3
04 Double :L1
05 Double :L2
06 Double :L3
07 Last Stun
08 Last Double
09 Last Duel
0A Duel :L1
0B Duel :L2
0C Duel :L3
0D Switch :L1
0E Switch :L2
0F Switch :L3
10 Speed :L1
11 Speed :L2
12 Speed :L3
13 Guide :L1
14 Guide :L2
15 Guide :L3
16 Last Switch
17 Last Speed
18 Last Guide
19 Last First
1F First :L1
20 First :L2
21 First :L3
And there you have it.
Now I'm off to find something that links the hiragana and katakana (?) in FM1 to its english-letter counterpart... an alphabet would help...
Have a nice day, Nathan.

Now, Front Mission is a great game, but has one drawback. You see, I like to run around having random battles and slowly turning my team of heroes into demigods. But in FM, you can't. Hence the PAR cheats I found using ZSNES ( to be done in battle ) :
Ooops. Forgot a little detail on the codes. I said that XP and skills codes should be activated in battle. Well, to make the changes permanent, keep them until the end of the mission, and when in the city, save your game ( the normal way, not a snapshot). Then take the code away, reset, load. Voilà, in the status screen you should now see your modified stats. The end.
Player Fight XP : 7ED55D 0F 7ED55E 27
Short XP : 7ED55F 0F 7ED560 27 etc : Long is 61 and 62, Agility is 63 and 64
Skills : Skill 1 : 7ED565xx, Skill 2 : 7ED566xx and so on. I'm too lazy to list all the values and corresponding skills, but basically just start with 01 ( Stun lv1 ) and go up. Interestingly, you can get a new level for the skills ( "Last" : last stun, last switch etc, which actually seems to work ) and skills that haven't been included in the final release, as "Branch" ( lv 1, 2, 3 ) and "Cross count lv1". I have no idea what they do ( or were supposed to do ).
For Sakata, use the same codes, except adding 139 ( decimal value ) to the addresses, i.e. where you have 7ED55D for Roid, put 7ED5E8 for Sakata. Identically, add 139 again and you are tinkering with Natalie's stats ( 7ED673 ) and so on. You might need the Windows Calculator if you don't want to spend hours converting hex to dec to hex again.
Item : I only looked for the code that modifies the first grip weapon you have in storage. It's a little unusual : each two addresses codes a different item, and the value you put behind is the number of this weapon you currently have. That means that instead of having one address for the weapon, with the value determining which item it is, and another address coding for the quantity, you have different adresses for different items. Beware, it works by pairs.
==> for example, 7ED02601 means your first weapon in storage is a F1 Tonfar, and that you have 1 of them. 7ED02701 means EXACTLY THE SAME ( don't ask me why :). However, 7ED04202 means your first weapon in storage is a Ziege Gun and you have 2 of them ( and so does 7ED04302 ). If you don't see why I'm making all this fuss over a simple matter ( I don't know if you're familiar with PAR or not), it's that usually in RPGs, you have, say, 7ED001 which is the address for the first item in storage. Then let's say 01 is the value for the F1 Tonfar and 42 ( in hex, by the way ) the value for the Ziege. Then if you want a F1 you'll type 7ED00101, and if you want a Ziege you'll type 7ED00142. See ? Same address ( In case you haven't realized and you didn't know before, the address in a code is the six first numbers ; it's what you want to change. The two last numbers are how you change it ). Adresses for this range from 7ED026 to 7ED0B0 ( well, in fact it's 7ED0B1, but since it's the same as 7ED0B0, ...). Again I'm too lazy to list all the items.
Finally, the money code : 7E129Cxx and 7E129Dxx. For 9999 money, type 7E129C0F and 7E129C27.
That's about all. If you ever find out what Branch or Cross count do, please tell me.