Roid Clive
O.C.U. Panzer Pilot
 Age:    23
 Height: 186cm
 Weight: 75kg
Leader of the "Canyon Crows", Roid Clive was falsely accused of the destruction of a U.S.N. factory in the "Larcus Incident" and was disgraced and ousted from the O.C.U. A year later, Guri Orson recruits Roid to do some investigation for the O.C.U. Roid accecpts and is reinstated into the O.C.U.


  Karen Meure
O.C.U. Panzer Pilot
 Age:    23
 Height: 174cm
 Weight: 23kg
Karen Meure was Roid Clive's Fiancee until that fateful day on Huffman Island. Roid has one final run in with his former fiancee in his final battle with the evil Driscoll. It is a run in that Roid wished had never happened.


  Ryu Sakata
O.C.U. Panzer Pilot
 Age:    28
 Height: 175cm
 Weight: 65kg
Member of the "Canyon Crows", Ryu Sakata is one of Roid Clive's closest friends and was there when the "Larcus Incident" occured and was also ousted from the O.C.U. He was reinstated at the same time Roid was. He is the sone of Reniji Sakata of Sakata Heavy Industry.


  Yang Meihua
O.C.U. Panzer Pilot
 Age:    19
 Height: 158cm
 Weight: 19kg
Member of the "Canyon Crows". Yang joins the Crows when she is defeated by Roid in the city of Menasa. She is a shy person, but a ferocius fighter.
  Hans Goldwin     
O.C.U. Panzer Pilot
Member of the "Canyon Crows".                                      


  Keith Carabell
O.C.U. Panzer Pilot
 Age:    23
 Height: 75cm
 Weight: 23kg
Member of the "Canyon Crows". Keith and J.J. were in hot water facing several U.S.N. Panzers until Roid Sakata and Natalie saved the day. Keith and J.J. quickly joined the Crows and have been there ever since.


  Joynas Jeriasks (J.J.)
O.C.U. Panzer Pilot
 Age:    25
 Height: 192cm
 Weight: 82kg
J.J., a member of the "Canyon Crows" and best friends with Keith Carabell uses his skills and Panzer knowhow to aid his comrades in battle.


  Pewee Richburg Jr
O.C.U. Panzer Pilot
 Age:    20
 Height: 171cm
 Weight: 93kg
A member of the "Canyon Crows", Pewee dirves the squad's supply truck, reloading and repairing the teams Panzers in the heat of battle.


  Bobby Hopkins
O.C.U. Panzer Pilot
 Age:    32
 Height: 187cm
 Weight: 80kg
Member of the "Canyon Crows", Bobby and his pal Porguna joined the Crows after one of its members broke up a fight Bobby and Porguna were having in the city of Peseta.


O.C.U. Panzer Pilot
 Age:    28
 Height: 182cm
 Weight: 72kg
A member of the "Canyon Crows", Porguna joined after a member of the squad broke up a dispute between him and his friend Bobby Hopkins.


  Fredrick Lancaster
Reporter /O.C.U. Panzer Pilot
 Age:    30
 Height: 177cm
 Weight: 65kg
A temporary member of the "Canyon Crows", Fredrick Lancaster is first a reporter. He was investigating leads that The U.S.N. was conducting biogenic experiments. He was caught up the war and joined the Crows until he could uncover the big story.


  Gregorio Mainas
O.C.U. Panzer Pilot
 Age:    29
 Height: 195cm
 Weight: 195kg
Member of the "Canyon Crows", Gregorio is an intimidating mass of mussle. He fighting techniques are known through out Huffman Island. After being defeated by a member of the ever-growing "Canyon Crows", Gregorio joins.


  Natalie Blakewood
O.C.U. Panzer Pilot
 Age:    21
 Height: 168cm
 Weight: 55kg
A member of the "Canyon Crows", Natalie Blakewood, daughter of Willas Blakewood, noted politician, battles with the Crows for the O.C.U.


  Paul C. Grieber
O.C.U. Panzer Pilot
 Age:    34
 Height: 175cm
 Weight: 67kg
Member of the "Canyon Crows", Paul is a weapons junky. He is particularly found of missile ballistics. Incidently, he is an exellent missiler.


  Yang Yeehin
O.C.U. Panzer Pilot
 Age:    17
 Height: 172cm
 Weight: 64kg
A member of the "Canyon Crows", Yang Yeehin was formely a communications tech for the U.S.N. but defected to the O.C.U. A squad of U.S.N. Panzers almost cut off Yeehin's escape, but the members of the "Canyon Crows" saved the day.


  Ralph Dian
O.C.U. Panzer Pilot
 Age:    34
 Height: 180cm
 Weight: 69kg
Member of the "Canyon Crows", Ralph Dian joined the squad in the middle of the "Second Huffman Conflict". He showed promise as he fought in the Coliseum in Fort Monus so he was given a spot in the group.


  Adler Weiss
O.C.U. Panzer Pilot
 Age:    48
 Height: 178cm
 Weight: 74kg
Member of the "Canyon Crows", Adler joined the team in the city of Menasa.


  Maury Odonnell
O.C.U. Panzer Pilot
 Age:    42
 Height: 164cm
 Weight: 79kg
A Member of the "Canyon Crows", Maury Odonnell was placed in the "Canyon Crows" by someone in the O.C.U. that wanted to keep tabs on the team. Maury even convinced J.J. and Keith to follow him on a crazy mission to attack a U.S.N. base alone. Roid and a few others showed up to help out after they heard of the insane attack.


  Gentz Weizer
O.C.U. Panzer Pilot
 Age:    39
 Height: 186cm
 Weight: 77kg
The mysterious member of the "Canyon Crows", Gentz was once an enemy of the O.C.U. before he saw that the U.S.N. was using him and his private army.


  Guri B. Orson
O.C.U. Special
Ops Commander
 Age:    47
 Height: 180cm
 Weight: 74kg
Orson is the Special Operations Commander who reinstated Roid and Sakata and set them off on a mission to uncover a plot by the U.S.N. to develop biogenic technology.


  Dr.  Mizette Brown
O.C.U. Scientist
 Age:    49
 Height: 188cm
 Weight: 77kg
A scientist for the O.C.U., Dr. Brown is researching the U.S.N. and it's intrest in Biogenic technology.


  Willas E. Blakewood
O.C.U. Ploitician
 Age:    51
 Height: 186cm
 Weight: 80kg
Willas Blakewood the government official that has been appointed to observe the operation of Guri Orson's investigation in the "Second Huffman Conflict". He is also the father of natalie Blakewood of the "Canyon Crows" so he is especially concerned with their progress.


  Reniji Sakata
Committie, Sakata Industry
 Age:    60
 Height: 170cm
 Weight: 60kg
Reniji Sakata is the head of the of Sakata Industry Committie, a supplier of military weaponary to both the O.C.U. and the U.S.N. His son Koichi is running the company under his supervision.


   Koichi Sakata
Head of Sakata Indusrty
 Age:    31
 Height: 178cm
 Weight: 68kg
Koichi Sakata, head oif Sakata Industry and son of Reniji Sakata, runs illegal weapons and technology development for the U.S.N. His father is unaware of his evil ambitions until it is too late.


U.S.N. Commander / Panzer Pilot
 Age:    28
 Height: 183cm
 Weight: 77kg
The figure behind all the troubles of the O.C.U. is Driscoll. He along with Reniji Sakata plan to make all Panzers obsolete with a new and horrifing technology.
Other Characters
Milligan Ashton...........Part of U.S.N."Hell's Wall" squad
Josiy Dillin..............Part of U.S.N."Hell's Wall" squad
Reevas Victor.............Part of U.S.N."Hell's Wall" squad
Grieg Demetrius...........Part of U.S.N."Hell's Wall" squad
Dave Sterling.............Part of U.S.N."Hell's Wall" squad
Chetta Cedric.............Part of U.S.N."Hell's Wall" squad