This section contains cheats and hints.


Audio Test
Here you can browse the ENTIRE soundtrack! and the sound effects library!!! WHAT A CODE!!!!! Here's what to do: When you turn on the game and you come to the New Game / Load game menu, press and hold the L and R buttons and press down on the controller, then press the A button. The new menu comes up and you simply press right and left to scroll through the music and effects!
Arena Town
This is simply a town where you only have the coliseum. That's all. It is just like any of the other coliseums in the game, it's just hidden. To get to it: Go to the New Game / Load Game menu and press and hold down the L and R buttons and press up on the control pad and press the A button. A new menu with the word Areantown shows up, press A again and there you go!
Zeige Super Weapon
On Mission 15 take Roid and move him into the most top left corner of the map. There is a secret weapon called Zeige. It is a rifle that will give the character using it 700+ exp. points every time they fire it! Even if they miss! For a picture of the exact location of the Zeige super Weapon, check out the walkthrough at level 15.
Main Character Select
Hold L + R + Down at the status window. Press Start until the desired character is displayed. Hold L + R + Down. Hold X + Y while these buttons are held. Finally press B while all buttons remain held. Roid will be replaced by the new character. Note: The new character's mech will not be available for use.


     Follow these helpful tips when playing: