This section will help you understand game play and menu and controller commands.


     When you are not in a mission you are located at one of the many cities on Huffman. In these cities you go to the shops, bars, coliseum, military office, check your character's status, save and load games, and stock, setup your mechs, and exit to the next mission.
     When you are in a mission you move, attack, and use items during your (Player's) turn. When you are finished the enemy takes it's turn to move, attack, and use items. First lets look at what you can do in the cities and what certain buttons, functions, and screens do.


A button: select button.
B button: unselect/goback button.
Start button: Used during a mission, it allows you to choose from three options:
Player Phase End: If you don't' want to do anything else during your turn you can use this to go ahead and let the enemy makes it's move.
Config: Lets you adjust settings like message speed etc...
Interruption: This is a useful feature that lets you save the game in the middle of a battle. Battles last anywhere from 20 - 50 mins. So, if you need to rush off but don't' want to have to start the mission all over again you can use this save place.
During the game (not during battle) you can visit different locations for weapons, parts, info, etc... Here is a list of the places and what to do when you get there.
Shop:  Here is where you buy new weapons, panzer parts, items, sell items, and customize your mechs. The options in the shop are:
Setup - Here you add new weapons, armor, computers and back packs. There are several things that need explaining here:
Weapons - You select weapons for Right and Left hands of the mech, You also select Missiles and shields for the mechs shoulders. (see the "arm weapon" section of the technical files for more information).
Parts   - You can select from this menu a new Body for your mech, new Right and Left arms, as well as new Legs, Computers and Backpacks. Check below for more info on backpacks, and computers). (see the "Arms, Legs, Backpacks, and the computers" section of the technical files for more information).
Paint   - Change the color of your mechs.
Name    - Change the name of your mech.
Buy  - In this area of the shop you can buy mech parts (just like in the setup area) and items (Check below in Setup for descriptions of items).
Sell - Here you sell extra parts, weapons, and items. Remember to sell all the parts you replaced when you buy new parts for your mechs.
Talk - Talk to the shop owner. 
Exit - Exit back to the city.
Military Office:  Here you are briefed by Olson on you missions. Before you can go to the mission, you must talk to him.
Bar:  At the bar you talk to the locals to gain information and sometimes pick up a new person for your team. 
Coliseum:  Here is where you can make some money and gain a little experience fighting opponents. You can also pick up a few people from here. This is not a big source of money though (not for me anyway).
Status Window:  Here you can see the stats the members of your unit. Each character has a value for each type of fighting skill:
Fight -  Represents the hand to hand fighting like punching or using a club. If the character has a high number here it is better to let that character punch their enemy or use a club. They will cause more damage to their opponent.
Short -  This represents using a short range weapon like a gun. If the character has a high number here it is better to equip that character with guns and let them shoot their opponent.
Long -  This represents missile firing and long range guns. You should equip all you character's mechs with missiles. They are always useful.
Agility -  This represents the character's ability to dodge an attack.
Here in the status window is also the character's skills. When characters reach certain levels, (each character is different) each level is reached by obtaining experience points when in battle) sometimes they will gain a new skill. Skills come in different levels, the higher the level, the better (or more frequently) the skill will work successfully. When you have an opportunity to gain a skill, you may choose one or Skip. You can Skip and wait until the skills go up another level. This takes awhile though. Here are the different skills: