Ash Faruk
O.C.U. Wanzer Pilot
 Age:    25
 Height: 178cm 
 Weight: 75kg
Leader of the "Muddy Otters", Ash Faruk, a  Corporal in the O.C.U. Maritime Defence Force. In 2098 Ash was discharged from the O.C.U. for unknown reasons and reinstated in 2100.


  Amia McCalum
O.C.U. Wanzer Pilot
 Age:    25
 Height: 165cm 
 Weight: 56kg
A former transport pilot, Amia McCalum decided to try her hand at piloting Wandrung Panzers and was moved to Rimian Base where she joined the 'Muddy Otters'


  Joyce S. Whitfield
O.C.U. Wanzer Pilot
 Age:    26 
 Height: 180cm 
 Weight: 80kg
Don't let the name fool you, Joyce is a man! A man so much so that he got himself in big problems for being a romeo. He was eventually resationed to Rimian Base where he joined the 'Muddy Otters'.


  Griff Brunman
O.C.U. Wanzer Pilot
 Age:    32
 Height: 182cm  
 Weight: 106kg
Griff Brunman, a sergeant in the O.C.U. 'Muddy Otter' squad is a Wanzer pilot instructor when hes not in battle.


  Thomas Norland
O.C.U. Wanzer Pilot
 Age:    47
 Height: 178cm 
 Weight: 85kg
Originally Captian in the 'Dull Stags' batallion, Thomas has joined up with Ash to help defeat the revolutionary armies hold on Alordesh. Thomas served during the 1st and 2nd Huffman disputes.


  Roswell Tarana
O.C.U. Wanzer Pilot
 Age:    29
 Height: 168cm
 Weight: 62kg
Roswell Tarana, Sergeant in the 'Dull Stags', joined up with Ash and his 'Muddy Otters' when the Alordesh coup d'etat broke out. Roswell is a bit of a computer hacker and has falsefied his personell documents on several occations, 'as a joke'.


  Rocky Armitage
O.C.U. Wanzer Pilot
 Age:    27
 Height: 190cm 
 Weight: 87kg
Rocky Armitage was First Sergeant in the 'Dull Stags' and joined up with Ash and his 'Muddy Otters' when the Alordesh coup d'etat broke out.


  Lira Labra
O.C.U. Civilian
 Age:    19
 Height: 162cm 
 Weight: 43kg


  Saribash Labra
O.C.U. Military  Contractor
 Age:    50
 Height: 168cm 
 Weight: 98kg


  Ven Mackarge
 Alordesh Lieutenant Colonel 
 Age:    26
 Height: 178cm
 Weight: 65kg
Leader of the People's Revolutionary Army.                      


Wanzer Pilot
 Age:    26
 Height: 178cm
 Weight: 65kg
A professional fighter, Cordy in her Wanzer, Durable, joins Lisa and Sayuri after she is beaten at the Colosseum in Daukandei.


  Pike Reischauer
Reporter / Wanzer Pilot
 Age:    30
 Height: 173cm 
 Weight: 65kg
Pike Reischauer gets caught up in the struggle between The OCU and the Revolutionary Army. He joins up and helps out Ash's group.


O.C.U. Wanzer Pilot
 Height: 24.8cm 


  Sayuri Mitsuzka
O.C.U. Wanzer Pilot
 Age:    21   
 Height: 1590cm
 Weight: 45kg 
A Second Lieutenant in the O.C.U. defense force 2nd division (information division), Sayuri is a highly decorated espionage agent. She obtained here Wanzer handling license shortly before the coup d'etat.


  Lisa Stanley
O.C.U. Espionage Agent
 Age:    26
 Height: 170cm
 Weight: 52kg
Captian in the O.C.U. defense force 2nd division (information division), Lisa is an experienced espionage agent and information gatherer.