This section contains cheats, gameplay hints, and information on the Network.


You can warp to any place where any unit on the battle field can go to.
1. First press START to go to the menu (where you can save, quit, etc.)
2. Go to system and turn the control mode to MANUAL (set to semi-auto as default)
3. Now go to any enemy unit and highlight its moving area (you know, select MOVE)
4. When the moving area is hilighted, press L2 R2 at the same time to bring up the unit list window.
NOTICE! If the blue moving area is still showing when the unit list window is up, then you did the right thing, otherwise you have to start again. Timing is the key.
5. Now select the wanzer you want to move (of course yours, too bad can't move the enemies around...)
6. What happened now is that the other unit's moving area becomes your moving area! so just move as the usual.
What is best about this code is it works on units that alread acted. So you can now do hit and run tactics, chasing the running unit by warp to its path, and so on. The best thing for warp is you can surrond the enemy unit, then beat it to death next round when it has no AP. One more thing to notice is since the other unit's moving area become yours, moving cost for AP will be according to the other unit's.
Bonus Parts & Money:
In the Colosseum you can challenge other Mechs for money but you can pick up advanced weapons You have to beat the computer perfect several times I think! Best Mech for this Hurt rods x2 with the best arms, legs & body make sure you beef up the computer for Fight it becomes very easy to win with multiple first round attacks.
Black market Check Network regularly as you can pick up information to access blackmarket weapons.
Computer Level Upgrades:
The following are the addresses and passwords for upgrading the computer to Level 5. Before you go to the network address and upgrade your computer, you have to upgrade it to level 4 first. Otherwise it doesn't work. The best thing is that the upgrading is free; no money is required.

Address      Password      Computer (you need to already have)

SENDER            SCHUSS           Cilo
NAXOS             NACRE            Abbot,Niche(Legende,Motive,Onrush,Zig)
DIABLE            DIACTIC          Delikat
IGUCHI            IGNOBLE          Isthmus
KIRISIMA          KINDLE           Guanaco,(Koodoo)
VINESJP           VICIOUS          Ethel
JM=LY             JONQUIL          Jingo
PAPEL             PALAIS           Pundit
FIREVALY          FAKIR            Forman,Holism
SCHNECKE          SCUFF            Balliol
More computer stuff
The level 5 computers can be sold for more than you bought them and clocked them up for. If you have enough money and can calculate the amount of money it takes to clock up mass quantities for ceertain computers up to lv.4, then you can make lots of money without going to the Colosseum so often. Just make sure you don't buy more than you can get up to level 4, or you'll be carrying around lots of low-level computers with no cash for a while.


     Follow these helpful tips when playing:


     You can access the network from the main screen inbetween missions. Select an Address and then use the options presented to you. Here is the list of all Addresses in the game. You need access codes to get into these though. I do not have all the Checkcodes or Callsigns, so if you have some, send them in!

Address: OCUF  (Oceanic Community Union Forces)
Address: ALF (Alordesh Force)
Address: BURG  (Dhaka City)
Address: E.BIRD   (Early Bird Satellite Watching System)
         With these passwords you can see how each level looks beforehand!
Address: COLOSEUM (Colosseum Database)

Address: DNC  (Dhaka Network Communications Inc.)
Address: LEONORA (Leonora)

Address: IGUCHI  (Iguchi)

Address: KIRISIMA  (Kirisima Industry)

Address: VINESJP  (Vince Japan)

Address: JM=LY  Jade Metal-Lyman Co. Ltd.

Address: VELDA  (Velda)

Address: BIWU (BI WU)

Address: PAPEL  (Papel)

Address: DIABLE  (Diable Avionics)

Address: FIREVALY  (Fire Valley Co.)

Address: WT=VN  (Walter Vonngut)

Address: SCHNECKE  (Schnecke)

Address: SENDER  (Sender)

Address: TAUREAU  (Taureau)

Address: BALESTRO  (Balestoro)

Address: NAXOS  (Naxos)

Address: T.A.S  (Telaviv Areo Space)

Address: MASEL  (Maseru Industry)

Address: ING  (Inter Gehen)


Wanzer #1:
Go to the Schnecke's web page. (address: SCHNECKE) The homepage has 4 passwords: SCATTER, SCUFF, SN, SCISSOR. Type the password SN. Now you have to type GERMANY fast before the count down number at lower right hand corner gets to 0. If you can do it then you will get the Wanzer, this wanzer is purely for close combat, since both arms can not equip weapon. It also comes with an excellent anti-air "missile."
Wanzer #2:
The second Wanzer is Raven, for those of you who played the first Front Mission it is the proto type wanzer that uses human brain as computer. To get it when you are playing Lisa's party (sometime before Misison 6 is good) Go to the bar in Daukandei. As you exit the bar an old man will come up to you and gives you a code HUFFMAN.