A sequel to the best selling Super Famicom game in Japan, Front Mission, Front Mission 2 is a Battletech-like robot simulation unlike anything you've played before. You play the role of Ash Faruk, the young Wandrung Wanzer (Panzer) pilot. Equipped with state of the art weaponry, you must pilot your 18-foot, 25-ton Wanzer (Panzers) across many battlefields across the world and destroy a horde of enemy Wanzers (Panzers), tanks, missile launchers, and helicopters.


     Front Mission 2 takes place in 2102, 12 years after the original Front Mission. The story is set in Alordesh (formerly Bangladesh), where a rebel army is fighting the OCU.
     For over a hundred years now, Southeast Asia has been suffering political turmoil. In an attempt to solve this problem, Asian countries establish the Oceana Co-operative Union, a unified nation set to calm down the heated disputes between countries.
     In the year 2094 AD, The Peopleís Republic of Bangledesh decides to affiliate itself withthe OCU, and renames its country the Peopleís Republic of Aroldesh.
     Itís now 2102 and the people of Aroldesh are poverty-stricken. In response to this horridrid dilemma, the Aroldesh Army revolts. Now known as the Revolutionary Army, they attempt to recapture their independence from the OCU. Ash Faruk, an OCU soldier, and his small band of companions, encounters the overwhelmingly powerful Revolutionary Army deep within the borders of Aroldesh. Narrowly escaping through the Aroldesh Underground, Faruk survives to fight the rebel army again.
FM2 Timeline
2005 A.D. The unfication of ED. Asia's opportunity to unify is high.
2020 A.D. USN (New Continent Federal State) is born. North and South America becomes one nation.
2026 A.D. Asian countries establish the OCU (Oceana Co-operative Union), aiming at economic independence.
2070 A.D. Halfman Dispute I
2090 A.D. Halfman Dispute II
2094 A.D. People's Republic of Bangladesh is formally affiliated with OCU. The country changes its name to "People's Republic of Aroldesh."
2102 A.D. The People's Republic of Aroldesh is poverty-stricken. Lamenting the fatherland's sad plight, the army's soldiers have revolted. They declare their independence from OCU, taking on the name "The Revolutionary Army." An OCU soldier, Ash Faruk, and his companions encounter the Revolutionary Army's attack, and escape fighting a fierce battle, but the Revolutionary Army completely brings the interior of the country under its control. The heroes slip into the chaotic Aroldesh Underground, and plan on escaping the Republic. However, they soon find out the existence of a giant conspiracy on the other side of the coup d'etat.


     In Front Mission 2 you have complete control over the weapons, parts, items, and skills of your individual Wanzers and Pilots. Using the money earned by successfully completing missions, gaining bonuses, destroying enemy units, and keeping your own losses low you can customize your Wanzers with a wide variety of body parts and weapons, each with different hit points, attack and defense strengths, and weight. You can build fast-moving units with short-range machine guns, close-combat units that rely on their armor and fists, or long-range stand-off missile units which can blast the enemy from a safe distance. Add battle computers, flash grenades, chaff missiles, and repair kits and you get an idea of the complexity of the game. In addition, your pilots gain special attack skills as they increase in level.
     Like Front Mission, and Final Fnatasy Tactics, Front Mission 2 is played on a large-scale strategic map for choosing the next destination, a smaller scale tactical map for moving units, and a close-up view battlefield for the one-on-one duels between robots. Although you are always outnumbered, the AI of your computer opponent is rather limited and you can usually out-maneuver the computer with careful planning. This is one of the strongest points of the game: you must choose the correct balance of robot types and use them effectively to win.
     Front Mission 2 is a "must play" for diehard simulation fans who want a complex, challenging war game. Building your own unique robot force is a lot of fun and the incredible variety of weapons, parts and items, and pilot skills make each game different. Get to an import game shop and look for a copy of Front Mission 2, or otherwise start a letter campaign to Square Soft and demand that they translate this game. It'll be worth the wait.


     When you first look at the differences between Front Mission and Front Mission 2, there don't seem to be many. After you have played Front Mission 2 for awhile you will see! There are 7 skills you can obtain in Front Mission while there are over 65 in Front Mission 2! The movement, usage of items, and usage of weapons are now circumspect to the amount of A/P (action points) you have. Items you carry onboard (like repairs, chaff, ect) now have a weight and you must be sure to have enough room on your Wanzer for them. Missles are less useful than they were in Front Mission. The enemy units are usually alot tougher, the fighters are the toughest to beat, the NPCs are more useful, and there are many different types of Wanzers and other vehicles.


     In Front Mission the mechs are called Panzers and Vanzers. In Front Mission 2 they are mainly called Wanzers. For the sake of clarity, I will refer to them as Wanzers.
Pronounced: (van'-ser)