COMAPNY:    SQUARESOFT (March 21, 2000)

     The long awaited U.S. release of Front Mission finally showed up in March of 2000. The Japanese turn-based games is a most welcomed addition to the Sony Playstation.


     Front Mission 3 takes place in 2112, 10 years after the Front Mission 2. It all started with an explosion in Yokosuka . . .
Kazuki Takemura and Ryogo Kusama are two high school students who also double as Wantzer test pilots for Kirishima Heavy Industries. While delivering the latest Wantzers to the Japanese Self Defense Force in Yokosuka, a huge explosion rocks the base. Following the mysterious explosion, Kazuki races to find his younger sister Arisa who is employed on the base. He is helped by Ryogo and Emir Kramskoi, a female scientist they met in a bar. However, they fail to find the missing girl. Against their will, they are drawn into a global conspiracy from which they could not escape . . .

     In Front Mission 3 you have complete control over the weapons, parts, items, and skills of your individual Wanzers and pilots. Using the money earned by successfully completing missions, selling captured enemy units you can customize your Panzers with a wide variety of body parts, weapons, and (new to the series) computer upgrades each with different hit points, attack and defense strengths, and weight. You can build fast-moving units with short-range machine guns, close-combat units that rely on their armor and fists, or long-range stand-off missile units which can blast the enemy from a safe distance. Add battle computers and repair kits and you get an idea of the complexity of the game. In addition, your computers gain special attack skills as they increase in level.
     Like Front Mission, and Final Fnatasy Tactics, and Front Mission 2, Front Mission 3 is played on a large-scale strategic map for choosing the next destination, a smaller scale tactical map for moving units, and a close-up view battlefield for the one-on-one duels between robots. Although you are always outnumbered, the AI of your computer opponent is rather limited and you can usually out-maneuver the computer with careful planning. This is one of the strongest points of the game: you must choose the correct balance of robot types and use them effectively to win.
     Front Mission 3 is a "must play" for diehard simulation fans who want a complex, challenging war game. Building your own unique robot force is a lot of fun and the incredible variety of weapons, parts and items, and pilot skills make each game different.


     In Front Mission the mechs are called Panzers and Vanzers. In Front Mission 2 they are mainly called Wanzers. In Front Mission 3 the machienes are called Wanzers.
Pronounced: (van'-ser)