Wanzer (pronounced Vanzer) - short for Wandrung Panzer, German meaning 'walking tank'

One final note: Don't forget to change your defensive types (Anti-I, Anti-P, etc..) for each mission to get the best defensive preformance out of your wanzer. Use the enemy info (at the beginning of each mission (in the walkthrough) to determine which is best.

     The game begins at an USN Alaska radiation laboratory base. A wanzer and a freight hauler blast their way out of the base with a large container. The USN base forces spring into action, but a quickly cut down by bomber. A carrier arrives and picks up the container and takes off. This FMV is the coolest Front Mission FMV I have ever seen!
   The game starts at Kirishima Heavy Industries testing facility where Kazuki Takemura is testing a wanzer.

JDF Okinawa Base

The first menu that will pop up will be a name menu. There are 3 selections. The first one is enter your first name, the second is to select your last name and the third option is to confirm your selection. To just use the default name, choose the last one (Kazuki Takemura). The scientist now has Kazuki run the tests on the SHUNYO Wanzer.

Mission 1

     Your Units : 1
     Enemy Units:
                            2 Attackers
1.) This mission is just a tutorial mission split up into 2 sections. The first is part is attacking a single wanzer. The wanzer does not fight back, so its quick and easy.
2.) The second half is attacking another wanzer that fights back. It is pretty easy as well. It all just gets you familiar with the weapon systems which are almost exactly like previous Front Mission games.

Kazuki will next be talking to another pilot, Ryogo and the testing engineer in the office after the mission. They all begin discussing the JDF's forces and it's recent increase. They even discuss what happened in Front Mission 2! Next the location menu will appear where you can talk to Ryogo or the scientist Koike. Before you do anything, save your game incase you decide to play the other storyline. After talking to both of them you talk to Ryogo again. He asks you to with him to deliver some construction wanzers. This is where you choose which storyline to play. You have an option to play 2 different ones. Choose the first one (go with him) and you go with him and play thestory line with Emma. Choose the second one (don't go with him) to play the story line with Kazuki's sister Alisa. 

Emma's Walkthrough               Alisa's Walkthrough

Finished One Storyline?
At the end of each of the storylines you can save. You can start a new game from this save space and play the other storyline. Once you start a new (2nd) game, you will notice that your charactes get to keep their skills from the other storyline! Also your game save timer continues from the first storyline.
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