The sequel to the best selling Super Famicom game in Japan, Front Mission, Front Mission: Gunhazard is a radical departure from the turn-based stragety that the other Front Mission games are. Gunhazard is a side scrolling shooter. In the game you upgrade your Panzer with state of the art weaponry, and parts and pilot the 18-foot, 25-ton Panzers across many battlefields across the world and destroy a horde of enemy Panzers and enemy troops.  


Gun Hazard concerns itself with an 'orbital lift' project started in 2024, but which 12 years later has become redundant, and abandoned. the game takes place in 2064. The mobile suits used for its construction have been re-employed as combat assault suits, as an ever more volitile situation results in frequent international 'incidents'. Could the abandoned lift, by linking the Earth and heavens above, be used to a strategic advantage by whoever takes possession? In your role as Albert Grabner, your first role is to protect the president against the threat of assasination by the distinctly Nazi-like Colonel Ark Halbland and his rebel army.


     In Front Mission: Gunhazard you have complete control over the weapons, parts, and items of your individual Panzers and Pilots. Using the money earned by successfully completing missions and destroying enemy units, you can customize your Panzers with a wide variety of weapons and items each with different hit points, attack and defense strengths.
     Unlike Front Mission and Front Mission 2, Front Mission; Gunhazard is a side scrolling shooter.
The game is played with a main map where different missions and shops are located. You have a trailer that carries around your Panzer to these different locations and drops you off. When mission are completed, you can go on to the next mission or you may replay the completed mission to earn more money. On these mission you can also get out of your Panzer and adventure around on foot! The missions and enemy units get more and more difficult as the game progresses. You can also buy new Panzers, weapons and items to help you take on these enemies and complete these missions.
     Considered a inferior sequel compared to the other Front Mission games, Front Mission: Gunhazard is a refreshing break from its turn based siblings.