This section will help you understand game play and menu and controller commands.


     When you are not in a mission you are located at one of the many locations on the main map. Places you can go have different colored rotating blocks on them. Red colored blocks are levels that you have not completed yet. Blue colored blocks are levels you have completed and Green blocks are shops where you can upgrade your Panzer. Gray blocks are levels that you have competed, but cannot go back to.
     The missions in Front Mission Gunhazard are side scrolling. Usually starting from left and finishing on the far right. When in battle, a pilot can get out of their Panzer and walk around on foot. When mission are over you collect money for the enemy units you destroy and experience points.
     First lets look at what you can do in the different locations and what certian buttons, functions, and screens do.


There are 2 differnt areas of the game where controller buttons are used differently.

1.)  On the main map and menus.

button: select
B button: unselect/go back

1.)  During missions.

button: Fire secondary weapon.
B button: Jump. Holding down the B button when equipped with a jump pack the Panzer or Pilot will hover for different lenghts of time (depending on the jump pack).
button: Changes to secondary weapon.
button: Fires primary (main weapon).
Double tapping the control pad < or >: Allows you Panzer to use it's boosters for a moment.
Pressing diagonally on the control pad: when using the pilot allows them to run.
Pressing up and down on the control pad: when using the pilot and jumping into a wall will allow the pilot to scale up and down the wall.
L1 button: The primary weapon can be positioned to shoot at different angles, the L1 button locks in the current angle so that the weapons does not move around.
R1 button: Activated shield. Different shields have different effects.
Select button: Pilot can leave the Panzer and move about on foot.
Start button: Activates in-battle menu:


When on the main map you are always on one of the colored blocks (see game basics). By pressing the A button you will go to the main menu. On the main menu a diagram of the Panzer carrier appears. This is the vehicle that carries your Panzer to it's different destinations. Below the diagram is a the main menu commands. These commands are the same on the blue and red blocks, but on the green blocks the Repair/Launch Mission command becomes the Shop command (see The Shop) below. Main menu commands:
Repair/Launch Mission: The repair/launch mission sub menu appears:
Exit To Main Map: Leaves the main menu and puts you back on the main map.
Save Game: There are 4 save slots on Front Mission Gunhazard.
Game Configuration: Here you can set message speed and other game factors.
Panzer/Pilot Setup: Here you view and equip your Panzers and Pilots with weapons, armor, jump packs, and other items. By moving the control pad down you can go to each menu. The menus look like this:


While in battle there is a status bar on the top of the screen. Here is what is on the bar:

At the end of each battle 3 post-battle screens show up.


Shops are located on the green blocks on the main map (see Game Basics). When you press A on the green block you will be taken to the main menu just like the one on the blue and red blocks, except that then Repair/Launch Mission command is now the Shop command. Selecting this option takes you to the shop. In the shop you have a new menu:
Buy: Buy all available parts and items. All items you do not currently have will have an exclamation mark next to them. A sub menu appears:

          Items you are currently equipped with                        Primary Weapons

Sell: Sell all parts you want to get rid of.
Exit: Exit to the main menu.