Keep in mind that most levels have 1 of 3 main goals:

MAP-A (Northern Europe)
1.) This is the very first level of the game. Albert arrives at the end of the dock and right in the middle of an attack! Ark Hellbrand attacks and you must protect the man as he makes his way back to the carrier truck.
2.) In this rocky terrian enemy Panzers and soliders without Panzers attack. At the end of the level you meet Brenda. She does not want to help you on your mission so she bombs you instead. All you have to do is keep away from the bombs for a but then the level ends automatically.
3.) This is a fairly short city level. At the end Ark Hellbrand shows up again. Soon into the battle, the guy in the truck rams Ark and soon he flees.
4.) In this city level, Panzers now attack in groups making it harder to out manuver them. Once you get to the end of the level exit out of the right side of the screen, (see instructions at top of page).
5.) Helicopters attack from above and are difficult to destroy. Once you get to the end of the level exit out of the right side of the screen.
6.) In this night mission, you follow the guy who drives the truck into a base, but you are soon captured. Once in the jail cel you run into Brenda. He agrees to join your group if you get her safetly to her carrier ship, Tadpole. He uses a grenade she hid to blow the door away and then you must follow her and get back into your Panzer. Once you get to the end of the level exit out of the right side of the screen.
*   Now you go to an base in the USA where you meet Richard Millman. He often briefs you and will show you the different place you can go on the world map.
*   For now, you cannot come back to this map.

MAP-B (Northern Asia)
1.) In this blizzard swept, snow coverd level you make it to some satallite relays and 3 strange Panzers show up to attack. They are tough, but you must beat all three to pass.
2.) In this level beware of all the mines. There are also a few weapon, so search for them. 3 Helicopters show up and you must destroy all 3 to pass. Be sure to take plenty of repairs with you on this mission. After you destroy all 3 then you may exit the level (right side).
3.) You meet Emill Szynsky. After you talk to him, you must destroy several enemy Panzers. When you have destroyed enough, Albert will say something then the mission will end. Emil will follow you and assist you in this mission.
4.) In this snow blizzard level, the Panzers are harder to defeat and now there are missile launcher Panzers coming for you.
5.) Watch out for auto firing machine guns in this level. Keep an eye out for helicopters too.
6.) You come across some guys who are about to shoot Emill! Run up to him and he will escape.
7.) In this wrecked city a little boy starts throwing rocks at your Panzer. He thinks you are a bad guy and after you explain that you aren't he leads you to a bank robbery. It seems Hellbrand's people are doing some war effort fund raising. Once they see you they will attack. Get back to your Panzer right away! Just keep destroying them and in a few moments a man will show up at the bank and talk to you. That's how to complete this mission.
8.) In this level you now encounter Panzers that are big shields and also mine laying Panzers. As a note: the shield Panzers cannot protect against lasers! This is a good level for getting money and experience.
9.) At the far right of this level in a cave you find Emill and talk to him. Gencoe shows up, but soon leaves. Emil joins your team and he is now availabe to take with you in the field.
10.) In this mission you now see large tanks with laser beams.
11.) The boss in this level is really tough. He punches with his huge fists. Then when you get his HP low, he splits into 2 Panzers and the top part flys around and one is on the ground shooting at you. If it is too tough for you to beat, don't worry. Just go build up more experience and you will gain more HP. The best way to defeat this Panzer is to keep on the offense and keep moving towards him, it is harder for him to punch you. Also, I suggest taking a UVG gun to help you shoot upwards or enem an autoaim.

MAP-C (U.K.)
1.) In this peaceful looking level you reach the base and the emeny attacks. Just keep destroying enemy Panzers.
2.) Once you get into this village, you leave your Panzer and follow a village member to something strange that was left in the village. Once you reah it and enemy Panzer activates it! Its nerve gas! Get back to your Panzer ASAP. Get to the canister in your Panzer and soon the level will end.
3.) There is a pretty easy boss at the end of this level. Once you get to the end of the level exit out of the right side of the screen.
4.) In this night mission you infiltrate this base, but before you do you will need ID-02 from level 6. Once you get into the base, you will need to find another door that goes further in and then finally you will run into a boss, he throws bombs, just keep jumping. After you will find a generator, you must destroy it.
5.) A crago plane has crashed and some canisters of nerve gas lie on the ground. Stay near them because enemy Panzers will try to take them. Don't let them take the canisters.
6.) Before you can get into the base in this level you will need ID-01 from level 8. Once in, you can find ID-02 for level 4. The door into the base is in the middle of the base at the top.
7.) In this hillside level humans attack in air cars. Fairly easy. Once you get to the end of the level exit out of the right side of the screen.
8.) Go to the far top right of this level and you can get into this base, (by pressing down and B on the control pad) once in you will be able to find ID-01 for level 6.
9.) In this level there are some really heavy duty Panzers, they run away from you though. If you can destroy them you'll get big experience points. Once you get to the end of the level exit out of the right side of the screen.
10.) In this level there are grenade shooting Panzers that look like spiders. Once you get to the end of the level exit out of the right side of the screen.

MAP-D (Egypt)
1.) The only thing you do in this level is go though the base and then you are let into the actual map.
2.) In this desert level you come to some shield Panzers. Just destroy all of them and the Panzers that are with them and then the level will continue. Once you get to the end of the level exit out of the right side of the screen.
3.) In this level you come apon a Panzer grave yard. The boss show up at the end. She is really tough. Just keep jumping and stay away from the front end of her ship. Equip yourself with the upwards shooting UVG weapon, it makes it easy to shoot her when she is above you. You must wait until you see the green circle show up on the ship before you shoot.
4.) In this level you are rolling along the ground next to huge transport. If you keep going past it and the level ends, you first need to go to level 5
5.) In this level humans in dune buggies are now attacking you. Once you get to the end of the level exit out of the right side of the screen. When you finish the level, go back to level 3.
3.) (second time) Now you will come across come enemy units about to kill the pilot (for her failure to eliminate you before) who was the boss from the first time. You get rid of the enemy and talk to the girl. She tells you how to get into the transport. Now go back to level 4.
4.) (second time) If you need to leave this level, just go into the carrier then as soon as you enter, jump back up and you will exit the level. Now when you get to the end of the transpot, go up on top. You can now blow the round hatch off and go inside. Note: before you go into this part of the level, you better be ready. The path to the cel is the doors: Area 3/15, then 22, then 20, then 21/13, then 14/26. The cel is up and Luven's Panzer in down at the bottom right. The boss at the end is REALLY hard. you might want to gain more experience and HP before going on. If you get killed by him, you have to start all the way from the first of this long level. Once you go inside you shold search all over the place. It is a huge place. Eventually you will get to Area 26 then you will need to get out of your Panzer and go on foot. In awhile you will find a door leading to a cel where Luven Alhabi is being kept. Blow up the door and then follow him. Once he gets to his Yellow Panzer, go back to yours and head back out. Once you finally get back to Area 1 you will go back out onto the roof of the transport and some BIG cannons will appear and start shooting at you. Watch out, just keep jumping and shooting!
6.) Rough desert level. Here you meet the Shield Panzer pilot: Akihiko Sakata.
7.) In this level you mainly climb up to fininsh it. There is an easy boss at the end of the level.
8.) In the rock terrian there are lots of cannons, beware.
9.) This level auto scrolls so you will have to keep up. There are also lots of items to get.
10.) This is not marked on the map above. Go along and destroy the large intake vents until you see one that you can go down into. Go into the base. After you find the large laser gun, destroy it. The as the place is going up, go in the door to the right. There is a boss there to defeat. Learn how to jump in between the missiles that he shoots and you should have no problem. Now you need to go back to level 1.
1.) (second time) Here you find a carrier ship to take you to Map A again.

MAP-A (Second Time)
1.) In this city level, there are now Panzers who punch. They do some heavy damage, so watch out. Gencoe shows up at the end of the level. He is easy to defeat. Once you get to the end of the level exit out of the right side of the screen.
2.) At the end of this level you meet Royce and she has some Panzers attack you. Once you are free to move around go back to the beginning and exit out of the left side of the screen.
3.) This is a fairly easy level.
4.) At the end of this level Ark shows up again and when you get his HP low Genoce shows up and starts to fight you. He will run away too after you have gotten his HP low.
5.) There is a Panzer with a large cannon arm that attacks you at the end of this level, after you get his HP low, Genoce shows up again. After a while he will run away.
6.) To finish this mission you must keep destroying all the Panzers that show up. There should be around 37 of them.
7.) When this level starts you find Ark in a damaged Panzer and you attack him, he escapes on foot into the base and you persue. When you find him again he is in a big Panzer that splits into 2 parts and once you destroy the flying head, Ark is dead.
*   In the shop in this map you can obtain the next Panzer.
*   Once you finish this level, you go to the U.S. base.
*   Once you are finished with map A, 2 more maps appear, Once in East Asia, and the other in Southern Africa.
MAP-F (Southern Africa)
1.) In this jungle mission you come across a wrecked plane. You are searching for the survivor, but at the end of the leve a Panzer appears that can be only attacked from behind appears.
2.) In this mission there are floating pods with lasers on them that detect you and launch missiles at you, there is also a small boss here too.
3.) There are humans in aircars and some more of those pods.
4.) In this mission there is a mine dropping helicopter that you must destroy to go on to the next level. Once you get to the end of the level exit out of the right side of the screen.
5.) In this night jungle mission you come across Bishop after he has killed alot of people. After you beat him up a bit, he blows everything up.
6.) The grenade shooters in this mission are worht ALOT of exp.!
7.) In this night mission you encounter Bishop again at the end.
8.) This dense jungle mission is fairly easy.
9.) Once you are in the base and you come across the item called N-Scope, the level ends.
10.) There are many auto firing mines in this level.
11.) In this mission, you follow the man into the caves. Once in there you find Axel Bongo and he will join you. Watch out fo the fire launchers in the cave, they do alot of damage! Just look at them as extra wall, don't try to go through them, you will never make it.
12.) This is a fairly easy level and all you have to do is stay on top, but if you go below, you can finds some useful items.
13.) There is a boss at the end of this city level.

MAP-G (East Asia)
1.) In this ocean platform just blow up everthing you possibly can. Once you reach the end there are 3 sets of arms that you must fight. Genoce joins you for a bit.
2.) In this snowy level there are mine laying humans and lots of cannons. Once you get to the end of the level exit out of the right side of the screen.
3.) At the end of the level the boss with the big gun arm shows up and the whole city blows up. Start moving back to the beginning of the level. Don't fall into the fire! While you ecaspe back to the left you find him trapped. Shoot the rock thats pinning him down. Once you get to back to the beginning of the level exit out of the left side of the screen. Once you complete this mission you can go on to mission 8.
4.) You drive along with a convoy while it is under attack.
5.) Destroy all the green edged objects on all the ships.
6.) This mission is underwater. There is a boss at the end. Once you get to the end of the level exit out of the right side of the screen.
7.) In this mission a ship at sea shoots missiles at you. When you get to the ship at the end of the level, shoot the top off.
8.) When the boat you are on hits the rocks some arrows will show up, shoot at them to finish the level.
9.) In this level, find all the cylinders and destroy them all to pass this level.
10.) You must take Luven Alhabi and his mine lying Panzer with you on this mission so he can plant mines to blow up the place. Protect him and soon aboss shows up to destroy you. Just keep jumping and it's no problem. Now you can go onto level 12.
11.) In this level you get a new, even bigger carrier. At the end of the level you have to keep attacking a ship. It takes along time, but just keep attacking and destroying enemy Panzers and eventually the level will end automatically.
12.) Go on this mission until you get to the boss. Suddenly you find out that you cannot stand up to his massive lasers. You eill need some help. After you exit this mission go back to MAP-D, level 6 and meet Akihiko Sakata and his huge shield Panzer. Now go back in the mission. You must stand behind Sakata when the bodd fires, then go and destroy the orange orbs when they appear. When the dissapear, get back quickly behind Sakata.
*   You will automatically go back the U.S. HQ.
*   Now a new map in South America opens up.
*   In the shop in this map you can obtain the next (final) Panzer.

MAP-H (South America)
1.) In this level the enemy attacks the building you are in. You must destroy all enemies that show up. There were 23 when I played.
2.) The boss at the end of this level can only be damaged from behind. He will leave after awhile.
3.) The boss from level 2 is back again.
4.) At the end of this level, the ship takes off and you must destroy all enemies around. I had 19 when I played.
5.) There are 3 bosses at the end of this level. Watch out because they do some big damage.
2.) (second time) After this level go back to level 1.
1.) (second time) In this mission you need to find the jail cel and free Anita. There are 2 bosses at the end. After you get rid of the Panzer with the lage gun arm, you must shoot the area on the other Panzer that opens up to shoot at you. Just keep jumping!
6.) You are flying in this mision. Watch out for the laser beams.

MAP-I (Southern South America)
1.) All you have to do in this level is get to the end.
2.) There is a mini boss at the end of the level.
3.) There are humans in trucks and those auto locking pods flying around this level.
4.) Bombs are dropped on you at the end of this level.
5.) There are 3 bosses at the end of this level.
6.) In this base level, you must find a computer room.
7.) In this level you need to destroy all the blue generators.
8.) You must destroy a ship in this level.
9.) In this base, you will need to get out of your Panzer and go through several smaller passages and blow up several walls so you Panzer can get through the base.
*   Now go to MAP-H, level 4 to get a new carrier!
*   Now you will see a ship flying around the main map. Move the cursor onto the ship and go to it.

MAP-J (Flying Ship)
No Map Needed
1.) You are flying in this level. There some of those floating pods here too.
2.) You need to destroy all the engines on the jet. For the harder to reach ones, get out of your Panzer and use you grenades.
3.) Inside the ship, you fight 2 bosses right away. They are pretty tough. Then there is an even harder boss at the end. He kinda looks like some of the robots from Evangelion! Watch out for his shield. Keep jumping.
*   Now you can go to the orbital platfor structure!

MAP-K (Orbital Platform)
No Map Needed
1.) In this level, you are moving up the structure to the top. All the enemies do a lot of damage so resupply often.
2.) In all of these level, I just avoided all the enemies I could, they do some big damage!
3.) You are just continuing upwards to the top of the platform.
4.) In this level you are now in orbit. The final boss is REALLY tough!

Now relax, you have finished Gunhazard!