The Front Mission series of video games began in 1995 with the release of Front Mission on the Super Famicom (Japanese Super Nintendo). This first game was a turn-based stragety game where you command several walking tank-like robots. The next game in the series was Front Mission: Gunhazard, also released on the Super Famicom. This game was a side-scrolling shooter that was completely different than the popular Front Mission. Several years later Front Mission 2 came out on the Japanese Playstation. This game was very much like the original Front Mission. Within 6 months another Front Mission game, Front Mission Alternative came out on the Japanese Playstation. This game (as the title says) is alternative. The game play is not turn-based, but real time. None of these games have seen the light of day in the U.S. They are all Japanese games, but can be played because all of the menus and game play interface are in English!

     One aspect of the seires has remained the same, the robots. Called by different names in the different games, they have been pretty much the same in design, 18 foot tall walking machines loaded to the teeth with hightech weaponary. This weaponary as well as the actual machine parts are changeable and upgradeable from a huge inventory in all the games.

     I have made this web-page with the help of MANY people to help anyone who wishes to play these great games. Thanks to all for your help!
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