Welcome to According To Whim's first fully-realized game... WhimWars! WhimWars is a pencil/paper game in the traditional sense with some added features that make is fantastically fun to play.

WhimWars is being sold at Dallas Comicon and online at RenegadeAnime.com with updates and further information on future editions here at WhimWars.com, our Official Website.

Have you played WhimWars? Please email us with your impressions (good and bad). We will put them up here for everyone to see (well, the good ones anyway)!

We will be working on WhimWars, further refining it and adding new and optional rules as well as other versions of the game, so please check back every once in a while!

Q:   What is According To Whim?

A:   According To Whim is the banner for all our creative works (Chris McGinty and Nathan Stout) which includes a Fort Worth public access television show, an audio show, books, scripts, various business, and now games! Now you know where the 'Whim' in WhimWars comes from!








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